Pudology – Banoffee Pud Review

Most Sunday lunchtimes are spent with my Other Half’s family and I use this as my cheat meal for the week. Dessert usually includes various different fruits and occasionally a new Vegan treat!

IMG_5695.JPGToday I was lucky enough to try a Pudology Banoffee Pud for the first time! I have tried other puds in the range and have loved them all!

The good news is they are Vegan and gluten free! They are quite easy to find too, being stocked in Holland and Barett, Sainsburys and Waitrose!

Taste: This little pud is packed with flavour and has a great texture. I loved the different layers, the chocolate at the top was nice and rich, with the caramelly banana gooey middle being just the right banoffee pie flavour, not too overpowering with banana. The biscuity bottom just went with the rest a right treat and tasted nice and buttery even though its gluten and dairy free! The biscuit wasn’t dry and was a perfect compliment to the goo!

IMG_5696The size was 100 percent right, any more and it could verge on sickly. It may look small but all good things come in small packages right!

Price: £1.99 per pud which I think is acceptable for a luxury vegan treat!

IMG_5705.PNGRating: 5/5 i love how the product is bothe gluten and dairy free and tastes as good as any other luxury treat! If you love banoffee pie its defo worth a try! I would recommend and would defo buy again!

Other comments: Just over 350 calories it defo remains as a treat item but it hits the spot 100 percent!

Pudology have a great website full of info where to buy their products and also lots of recipes I am eager to try!