Vegan Toiletries – Shower Gel

Being Vegan stems out to far more than just the food we eat, we also need to be conscious about what toiletries and cleaning products we use.

I have tried many Vegan Shower Gels over the past few years but these are the 3 I am using at the moment and my reviews and comparisons of them all! Yes, I have more than 1 shower gel on the go at a time, it depends what mood I am in, which I shall use! My OH moans at me constantly because I tend to bulk buy toiletries and then we have no room in the bathroom! Isn’t every girl the same haha!


I briefly mention the chemical content of the products. It may not be of interest to you all but I strongly believe, if you care what you eat and what you put into your body, you should think about the products which you use on your skin, as this is your largest body organ and one of the quickest ways for chemicals to get into your body.

Lush – The Comforter

Firstly, big up to Lush for being amazing and supplying us with lots of Vegan goodies on the high street! I love how helpful and happy your staff always are and the smell lures me in every time!

My all time favourite bath bar from Lush is the Comforter, so I love that we can buy the same blackcurranty, sweetie smell in shower gel form!


The shower cream is described as ” Cassis absolute knits together with sweet vanilla, wrapping you in homely blackcurrant comfort”. ” Rich almond oil gives pillow soft skin, while the scent of homemade fruit crumble envelopes you in a nostalgic hug!”

Smell: Very overly sweet and fruity and reminds me of blackcurrants. I adore this smell and it lasts for a long time after using the product.

Price: £4.75 for 100g

Chemicals to be aware of:

Sodium Laureth Sulphate – As this can strip the oil from your skin, it makes it easier for toxins to be absorbed by the body.

Propylene Glycol: Same as above.


Overall feel of the product: The product lathers up really well and you only need to use a small amount meaning the size of the bottle does last longer than you would expect. My skin felt smooth and soft afterwards.

Rating: I do love the smell of the product and it leaves my body feeling smooth. The chemicals in the product aren’t overly concerning to me however I do feel the product is slightly over priced, therefore I would give it 3/5.

I would recommend if you love The Comforter bubble bar or if you are buying as a present 🙂

Original Source for Men – Lemon and Lime Shower hair and body Gel

Totally didn’t notice this product said it was for men when I purchased it! I am a big fan of Original Source shower gels because they smell great and you can often pick them up places for £1.00 on offer!

“This bottle is packed with 5 lemons and 20 limes to revive you”. It is made in the UK, tested on humans, has natural ingredients and is recyclable yay.


Smell: Totally smells of lemons and limes 🙂 however I do feel it smells a bit cheap compared to some of their other products. The product smells clean and fresh and certainly helps to wake you up.

Price: I found for £1.00 in Boots. 250ml

Chemicals to be aware of:

Sodium Laureth Sulphate: See above

Cocamidiopropyl betaine: Penetration enhancer and when mixed with other chemicals can become carcinogenic.


Overall feel of the product: Lathers up well, doesn’t leave my skin overly soft but not drying either.

Rating: For the price it is a great product, however I do prefer some of the other flavours to this one. It is refreshing and I have to say not an overly manly smell either. The chemicals, considering the product is cheap are not overly concerning.  The bottle seems to last me a long time too. 3/5

I would buy again and would recommend for a cheap buy. Certainly beats a lot of similar priced products!

Dr. Organic Rose Otto Body Wash

I do love anything rose smelling, and this is what drew me in to buy this product!

“Formulated using organically certified and natural extracts”. Free from parabens, sls, synthetic colours, glycols, mineral oils and silicones.


Smell: The product uses Rose Otto Oil which is an aromatic essential oil and you can certainly smell rose as soon as you open the bottle. If you are a rose lover like me, you will enjoy this product! If you think roses are for grannies, you possibly will be disappointed! The smell does stay on your body after use too. The smell is uplifting and luxurious.

Price: £6.49 for 250ml in Holland and Barrett

Overall feel of the product: The product lathers up well. It does not leave my body feeling overly smooth unlike the Lush product, however it is not drying either. The product does feel luxurious to use but I do feel I use a lot more of the shower gel compared to the other products, so it will not last as long.

Chemicals to be aware of:

Cocamidiopropyl betaine: Penetration enhancer and when mixed with other chemicals can become carcinogenic.

IMG_4555 (1)

Rating: I thoroughly enjoy using this product because of the delightful smell. It feels luxurious and leaves me feeling refreshed and squeaky clean! I would rate it 4/5 and recommend to anyone who loves the smell of roses. If you are aware of what chemicals you use on your skin this is a great product to try! I do think the price is justified for the product.

Overall, it would be hard for me to choose a winner out of these 3. I love them all for different reasons and would buy them all again! Price wise, you cannot beat the Original Source. I would recommend The Comforter to perhaps younger people who love the smell of sweets and then Dr Organic Rose Otto to an older person or anyone who loves the smell of roses! The Comforter would make a great present for a Vegan!

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