Review: Follow your Heart Vegan Egg

I really hate writing negative reviews 😭 and obviously this is just my opinion but this might just save you £8.00 😹

I actually hated eggs before I became Vegetarian, which could have been down to the fact I was eating around 30 egg whites a day 😿 (sorry chickens) but even before then the smell of eggs made me want to gag 🤢 unless they were in a cake of course 👍🏽


The reason i bought these Follow Your Heart vegan eggs was for my OH, he is doing very well in transitioning over from a meat eater but he does miss scrambled egg! My Mum and Step Dad are also half way through trialling Veganism for a month and my Mum says she misses nothing but eggs!


I thought these could be the perfect solution! But at £8.00 a box they aren’t cheap!

On first impressions I was disappointed when I opened the box and saw there were no eggs 😹 just a bag of powder! I kinda guessed one of the ingredients would be black salt and you could smell the eggy aroma straight away 🤢🤢🤢🤢

I gave up half way through and made the OH cook the scrambled “egg” and even he was saying the smell was off putting! The eggs take around 6-8 minutes to cook.


I tried the smallest amount and so did he and then it went straight in the bin 🗑 (you can see it in the top left) the aduki bean casserole was great though!

We could have saved the powder to make cakes but we were so grossed out by the smell, we daren’t risk it! Especially when apple puree, chia eggs or flax eggs or even a mashed banana do the trick as an egg replacement for a lot cheaper!

Taste 0/5

Price 0/5

Overall 0/5

I will never buy again nor recommend sorry 😭

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