Natural Healthy Foods Birmingham Review

A few weekends ago we went on a double date to the Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary and then stopped off at Natural Healthy Foods in Birmingham.


Firstly, we stopped off at their shop in Digbeth as they had a sample event with lots of vegan goodies to try 😍


We couldn’t believe how busy the shop was (which is obviously a great thing, hellooooo to the Vegans of Birmingham 😘) but I still managed to try lots of things from Vegan cheese to chocolate to Tofurky and even One Planet Vegan Pizza 😍 (best Vegan pizza I have tried!)


I love the shop because you know that whatever you buy will be Vegan and never tested on animals. Quite a few products are also organic and UK sourced 😎

After purchasing some goodies including the Kookie cat cookies I have been after for a while, we made our way over to the Natural Healthy foods Eatery.


The location is perfect, just opposite the Mailbox 👌 it took us less than 10 minutes to walk from Bullring and about five minutes from New Street Station.


The restaurant is kind of like a buffet style, you grab a plate and help yourself to what you fancy. There is plenty of salad, raw food, chinese style noodles, cauliflower cheese, onion bread, curries, dhaal, potatos, vegetables and plenty more. At the end you weigh your plate and pay for what you have chosen.

I had a bowl of food including a bit of everything and it came to £6.99.


We didn’t fill up too much on the savoury dishes because I was eager to try the desserts! Between us we tried the espresso torte, the vanilla caramel cheesecake and key lime pie! I wish i had room to try it all! Don’t panic, they always have a takeaway option! The desserts are priced around £4.95 each and I 100 % think this is an absolute bargain!


The desserts are the best I have ever tasted even compared to non vegan desserts and the added bonus are the desserts are all raw, so healthy 😻 they contain no refined sugar at all! Natural Healthy Foods have inspired me to create more raw dishes at home!


My favourite was the Vanilla Caramel Cake but I could definitely eat all of them again! Next time I want to try the Tiramisu and the fudge!

My OH is yet to switch to a fully Vegan diet but he loved the choice of desserts! He said he would rush to go back and would happily choose to eat here than any other restaurant!


The only negative thing I can say, is that some of the desserts were not labelled so we had to keep asking what they were, however this was soon rectified whilst we were there! The staff were super duper friendly and happy to help 🙂

The atmosphere in the restaurant is great, the design is really modern yet has a natural ethical feel with a great buzz of people.


Some of my friends have tried the eatery too and they all loved the food too 🙂 I have heard a few comments, where people have found the food to be expensive but I honestly believe you get what you pay for. If you were to eat a meal out in any other restaurant, I am sure the prices would be similar and for me, I love the fact I know that all the food I am eating is healthy and 100 percent Vegan 😻 the flavours really will tickle your tastebuds and I cannot wait to visit again!


There is a shop attached to the eatery too, which is convenient to stock up on all your Vegan goodies! Could this place be any more perfect! ♥️ I bought these Biona Organic Beans 🙂

Location: 5/5

Staff 5/5

Price: 5/5

Taste and variety of food: 5/5

Atmosphere: 5/5

Overall: 5/5


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