Review: Plenish Organic Coconut Milk

It’s funny when I do my Sunday food shop, we sometimes make trips to a million different shops just to see what goodies I can come across 😹 we even popped to Worcester Foodie Festival yesterday and it was great to see Worcester Vegan Group having a stand!


Yesterday I found a new range of M*lks made my Plenish. I have seen their smoothies and juices before but the milks are new to me.


I was interested in trying these new milk alternatives because they are free from any additives, stabilizers, gums, oil and carrageenan. Whilst I love all the milk alternatives out there it does sometimes worry me all the added extras in the ingredients, so these products seemed perfect for me!

Where did I buy: Sainsburys

Taste: I was expecting them to taste much of the same as Alpro or Koko coconut milk but this was a lot fresher tasting. It has a very strong coconut flavour and has a consistency very similar to cow’s milk, as in it is thicker than other brand’s coconut milks!


I tried on it’s own, within my smoothie bowl and in a cup of tea! It didn’t curdleor seperarate in tea but I have to be honest, I much prefer oat or almond milk for a good cuppa! Amazing in my smoothie though 🙂


Next stop I will try it in a curry!

Price: Normally priced at £2.50 in sainsburys but on offer for £2.00. I think this is reasonable for the product. Plenish live by the same motto as myself: You get out of life what you put in! So by proactively filling up on healthy ingredients, you can press on and crush it! Ultimately you get what you pay for!

Recommend: 100% yes! Tastes great and is a healthy alternative to milk!

Rating: 5/5


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