Review: V Bites Vegi Deli Meatless Feast Burger

The weekend always calls for an epic cheat meal and this time it was Pizza and Prosecco at my girls house!


I picked up this pizza from Holland and Barrett in Droitwich before I came.


Taste: I’ve tried a few vegan pizzas and I’ve tried a lot of vegan fake meat but never together! I’m not a huge pizza fan but I was blown away by the taste. For me i cannot remember what meat tastes like, but iy definitely tasted how I expected. V bites aren’t stingy with the toppings and it went down a treat!


The pizza isn’t overly cheesy so I would suggest adding some more of your own if that’s what you are looking for!


Price: I paid £2.99 for the pizza but luckily had a 20 percent coupon to use at H&B ( I literally have these falling out of my purse, everytime I go in I manage to accquire a new one haha).

For a small pizza, I personally did find this a little pricy, it was bought mostly out of convenience.

However after tasting the pizza, I believe it is worth the money and I would totally buy it again!


Recommend: Whole heartedly yes! 100 percent!

Rating: 5/5

Ps the prosecco was amazing too!

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