My favourite things – review of TruJello and Sea salt fudgee bites

We had another action packed weekend last week which involved staying over in the Shropshire Hills, shopping and meeting our friends for a double date at The Donkey Sanctuary in Birmingham!🐴



On our way home from Shrewsbury, after not seeing a shop or actually after not seeing anything but fields for a long long time, I spotted a shop on the side of the road.πŸ™€


I could not believe my eyes when I read it was a whole foods shop and had to ask my OH if I was dreaming 😸

Some how the Vegan Gods had sent us on the route to find Harvest Wholefoods and to my delight, this shop was full of vegan goodies πŸ™ŒπŸΎ


Tru Jello Review


Costing 75p for 2 pots of jelly, you really can’t go wrong. We chose the tropical flavour but now I really wish we bought the strawberry ones too! The taste and texture were great and the OH says he even prefers them to Hartleys πŸ‘πŸ½Β Sweetned with stevia means they are not full of lots of sugar too!


Fabulous Free from Factory Sea salt dark chocolate covered fudgee bites Review


Phew, try saying that when you are drunk 😹

I am normally pretty good with keeping up to date with any new vegan treats but I didn’t even know these existed until stepping foot into this Vegan heaven 😻

The small bag cost me Β£1.49 but they were totally worth it! They were slightly harder and chewier than normal fudge and I have to say I prefer the plain fudge from the same company, however I would totally buy these again!

The sea salt flavour is very subtle and these are very rich sweets so it’s hard to eat them all in one go! I saved some to top my smoothie bowls!



On our way home we also stopped in a very small town called Bishops Gate and I could not believe my eyes! In such a small town various cafes and restaurants were offering vegan options! 😻


Chocolate hazlenut Tarts

My favourite recipe of the week is from Deliciously Ella. Now I have my Magimix it is super easy to try new recipes 😻



We were slightly disappointed with Birmingham Donkey Sanctuary. After visiting The Donkey sanctuary in Sidmouth the weekend before we had expected it to be similar however we were not able to get close to the donkeys here at Birmimgham 😿 I whole heartedly love and respect the sanctuary for looking after the donkeys but we had a much more enjoyable time in Sidmouth. 🐴

We finished our weekend by visiting Natural Healthy Foods in Birmingham and this will feature in my next blog! 😻


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