I been drinking “What a Melon” ðŸ‰

We have just got back from a night away in the Shropshire Hills and on the way back we stopped off at Kidderminster for a mooch around as I have never been there!


Was happy to find a Holland and Barrett, I could spend hours in there looking at all the goodies, always find something new and today was no exception! Was also great to catch up with my old friend Ashley!


I been drinking “What A Melon” 🍉🍉🍉

IMG_4057I had never heard of this drink before today! I am a huge fan of coconut water and this drink boasts to be even healthier for you.

Watermelon juice hydrates you but also contains the anti oxident lycopene.


Not only that but it has lots of citruline too which is great if you work out 💪🏽


Taste: It didn’t taste too different from coconut water to me. At first taste, I didn’t think it would be for me but by the end of the carton I was loving it!

I often make watermelon juice at home and this was really different, I didn’t think it tasted like watermelon at all!

Price: We were lucky to get this drink at a reduced price, and if I am honest I would be reluctant to pay £2.29 for 330ml in the future.

I love the product is all natural 🙂 and lots of health benefits too!

To find your nearest stockist: http://whatamelonwater.com

Review: 3.75/5

I would buy again if I saw it at a good price and would recommend for you to try 🙂

Other halfs comments: He found this drink a bit too sickly. 2/5 he wouldn’t buy again, this one wasn’t for him!


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