Vegan Treats Review and my favourite things

Last weekend I travelled down to Dorset to visit my family πŸ’œ

IMG_3927.JPGDuring the weekend we visited Bridport and found an amazing health food store called Naturalife! They stock absolutely tons of vegan food items, toiletries and vitamins and the staff are lovely!

Whilst I was there I picked up some vegan treats….


This Organica chewy apricot dream bar was priced at 99p and reminded me of a cross between a fruity fudge bar and a fruity Mars Bar. I really enjoyed this and shared half with my partner who liked it too! I loved the apricot and dark chocolate fusion and the fact you could definitely taste the apricot but it wasn’t too overpowering! I don’t tend to buy many vegan treats but I would definitely recommend it to those of you who do! Even non vegans will love this!

One can purchase these from Veggiestuff online!

Favourite smoothie recipe

IMG_3983This has been my favourite smoothie lately although I have been loving smoothie bowls too, I feel like smoothie bowls keep me fuller for longer!


🦊Mint Chocolate Shake 🦊

Fresh mint 🌱🌱🌱

1 frozen banana 🍌

1/2 an avocado πŸ₯‘

3 dates

2 tsp cacao powder

almond milk


Whilst I was visiting Dorset we took a trip to Devon to go to the donkey sanctuary! I can not recommend this place enough, it is free entry (donations welcome) and is a lovely way to spend an hour or so stroking the donkeys and watching them play together! They even sold vegan mango sorbet!Watch out for next weeks blog as @laurenlsj and I are visiting the Birmingham donkey sanctuary this weekend!


IMG_3964Another goodie I picked up from the health food store was The Raw Food Companys Vanoffee Mulberries! I saw these advertised on Instagram and I knew I had to track them down! At Β£1.49 a bag, I did find them slightly pricy, but o m g they taste divine, slightly crunchy but then chewy with a dusting of raw cacao! I would definitly buy these again and half the bag really doesn’t have many calories at all! You can see them above topping my smoothie bowl 😻


Organica chewy apricot dream bar: 4.75/5

The Raw Food Company Vanoffee Mulberries: 4.75/5

The donkey sanctuary Devon: 5/5

Naturalife Health Food Store Bridport: 5/5

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