Uk Vegan Camp Out

A few weekends ago myself and @laurenlsj went to the UK Vegan Camp Out for the day! Although the camping part did look fun, I am a bit too much of a Princess to sleep in a tent 😹


It was so great to catch up with Lauren and I love that I have a close vegan friend, it means we can share recipe ideas, give each other feedback on new products we have tried and generally just put the world to rights! We also made a friendship pact, if we are not married by the time we are 40 we will marry each other and live a long healthy vegan life together 😹😹 so come on boys get the πŸ’ ready πŸ‘°πŸΌ

The concept of the Vegan Campout was amazing and I think the camping was actually the main part of it 😹 I want to say a huge thank you to Jordan for organising it! We were a bit disappointed that there wern’t many stalls selling things and unfortunatly some of the food vendors pulled out so the queues were insane.

Lauren and I purposelly didn’t eat breakfast because we wanted to stuff our faces with lots of vegan food but after waiting in the food queues for over an hour, we gave up and headed in to Nottingham!

I have followed @doughnotts_official on Instagram for such a long time and was delighted we managed to track them down! I went inside hoping they may have a vegan doughnut on offer and I was so pleasnatly surprised because they had a whole selection!!!! On this day there was a choice between Original Glazed donut, chocolate with sprinkles, peanut butter jelly and 1 more I seem to have forgotten.

I went for the PB&J and it was literally the best thing ever! If you are ever in Nottingham, you must try these donuts!

IMG_3586After this we went to Zizzis who always offer the best Vegan selection on their menu! I finally got to try the lentil ragu which I would totally rate a 5/5 😻😻😻 but unfortunatly we were too full for dessert so I still am yet to try the chocolate torte 😿

Jordan did amazing at organising a wide variety of speakers at the camp out and we did manage to catch a few of them including @humantimothy who has put the idea of possibly doing Rawgust (following a raw vegan diet for August) into Lauren and I’s heads.Β IMG_3599.JPG

We also caught the brilliant @viva talk. At first I did think what is the point of people talking abouyt veganism to a bunch of vegans. I enjoyed learning about people’s different experiences with becoming vegan and their reasons for doing so but part of me thought you are already preaching to the converted.

But a lightbulb clicked inside of me. You may have noticed I have been posting slightly more about being vegan lately. I realised that although I follow a plant based diet, I can still improve my lifestyle a lot more to help the animals, environment and my health. I will never be a hardcore animal activist, that’s not me but I can do my bit to raise awareness!

This brings me on to the documentary called What the Health, which you can find on Netflix! I managed to convince @harrykirill to watch this and since then he has seriously reduced his intake of meat and dairy πŸ™‚ Very proud! My Mum and Stepdad are also trialling a plant based diet and I really hope it will go well for them and they will stick to it πŸ™‚IMG_3799

So thank you Jordan for a great day at Vegan Camp Out and Lauren for keeping me company πŸ™‚


Dougnotts: 5/5

Zizzis: 5/5

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