Less can be More 🦊

IMG_0583One of the things I used to struggle with, is the All or Nothing scenario when it came to diet and training.

When I first started getting interested in bodybuilding I spent hours in the gym and every workout felt like I had given my last ounce of energy. This was great back then but now with a full time job and other priorities, I can’t always guarantee I will make it to the gym every night and if I do will I have the same energy as when I was a student with all the time in the world?!

This used to effect me because as an All or Nothing person i thought to myself what is the point in going to the gym if I am not beastingn it every time. Or if I miss a Monday and Tuesday, my brain would come up with the excuses like there is no point going at all this week now! Everything had to be perfect or it felt like there was no point at all! Thanks brain, makes perfect sense, not!

I was lucky in my old job that teaching a variety of fitness classes meant I was being active in some way every single day, however now with a sit down job if I still continued to use the All or Nothing scenario things were not going to end well!



Two weeks ago I joined a second gym, I visit this gym in my lunch hour and do a quick 25 minutes workout, whether that be some cardio, some weights or a circuit.

Brain: “25 minutes, is it even worth it?!”

Motivation: “Yes brain it actually is!”

Don’t get me wrong it is a little bit of effort, racing through town to get changed, blast a 25 min session, shower, eat and be back at the desk within an hour but oh my gosh it is so worth it, I feel energised and like I have accomplished a goal. Not only that but it sets me up for the day and it makes me go to the gym in the evening more too because I feel motivated! If for any reason i can’t make an evening sesh I feel happy knowing I made time on my linch break.

So the purpose of this blog is to say sometimes less can be more, it can be what kickstarts your motivation to come flooding back and at the end of the day 25 minutes will still always be better than 0 minutes!!!!