*Review* D’s Naturals Bar

Since tuning Vegan there has only really been two things I really miss, one was squirty cream but I managed to find Schlagfix Soya squirty cream 😀 and the other is Quest Bars.

For my fitness followers I am pretty sure all of you will have heard of Quest! I was slightly addicted to them! For those of you who never have, they are basically very chewy high in protein bars!

So in search of something to replace my Quest with, I was pretty much relying on Naked bars or making my own Vegan protein bars at home. I will love Naked bars till I die, so handy to pop in your handbag for a snack but they aren’t as high in protein as my old favourite Quest!

And then I stumbled along D’s Naturals 🙂

photo (41)

Not only did the packaging look pretty similar to Quest, this company shared lots of my values! The bars are vegan, soy free and completely naturally flavoured!! Not only that but they contain 20g of protein per bar and only 2g of net carbs and 170 calories!! As a Vegan this amount of protein in one bar is certainly worth getting excited about 😀

I went for the Peanut Butter Cookie Dough flavour and these are my thoughts:

Taste: The bars are less chewy than Quest but are still great. I loved the fact there were hidden bits of crunch in the bars! The only downside for me was that they are made from rice and pea protein and these have quite strong tastes, the bars do taste very natural but I would probably still buy again. 3.5/5

Price: You can buy the bars individually for £2.95 or a box of 12 for £27.98 . To me this is a little pricey, I think I would be willing to pay around £2 per bar but they are very handy to have as a snack. 3/5

Comments: If it was down to taste and the price alone I probably wouldn’t rush out to buy these again or to recommend them but the fact there is 20g of protein per bar is a massive seller to me, so I would consider buying a different flavour to try for example Blueberry cobbler! I especially like they are all natural too!

I also would love to try the No Cow Fluffbutter! ❤

Where to buy: I bought mine from Amazon however they are available to buy from Protein Pick and Mix  http://www.proteinpickandmix.co.uk/snacks/bars/ds-naturals-no-cow-vegan-protein-bar-peanut-butter-cookie-dough/