Nakd Nibbles Review :) and an attempt to make my own

Before turning Vegan, I’m not going to lie, my go to snack bars were always Quest or Nakd bars. I probably ate enough Quest bars to last me a lifetime and sadly I can no longer have them since they contain Whey. Nakd bars however are vegan friendy WOOOHOOOO.

❤ Once I saw the new Nakd nibbles I had to track them down!

After seeing endless people posting pictures of these bad boys all over Instagram and me trailing round every supermarket near my house to no avail, I finally got a box full of every flavour Nakd nibbles for my birthday YIPPEEEE ❤

You can buy the box here :

You get one packet of each of the 7 flavours and the box costs £6.50 with free postage and they normally give you a free sample of something too 😀

They are also available in Asda, Tesco and Boots and Tesco have a 3 for 2 offer at the moment, they are normally found in the free from section ❤

photo (11)

I have been a fan of Nakd bars for years (especially the Cocoa orange flavour), and I love how you can buy them in nearly all supermarkets, they are a quick healthy convenient snack for when you are on the go. They are all natural and contain no nasties 😀

The Nakd nibbles get a huge thumbs up from me, I loved every flavour apart from the Coconut Bliss, which I would probably swerve in the future! My absolute favourite was Toffee Treat ❤ If I was going to rank them, this would be my order

1. Toffee Treat. Tastes so sweet and just like toffee

2. Strawberries and Cream. Really tastes how you would expect 🙂

3. Mint Humbug. Again exactly how you would expect, minty and toffee flavour 🙂

4. Fruit Salad. Real fruity taste 🙂

5.Salted caramel. I know this is a lot of people’s faves and I did really enjoy it but I preferred the stronger flavour of Toffee Treat.

6. Tooty Fruity. Was similar to Fruit salad but a bit over the top fruity for me. Would still buy again.

7. Coconut Bliss. The only flavour I probably wouldn’t buy again due to a lack of flavour.

Obviously we all have different tastes, so why not give them a try and let me know your fave!

I was not only lucky enough to get the box full of nibbles for my birthday but I also got the celebration box

This contains 18 delicious snacks including Nakd Bars and the Nakd infused raisins. I have tried most of the Nakd bars before and never thought any would come close to my favourite Cocoa Orange but OH MY GAWDDDD, you have to try the Cafe Mocha flavour bar! It is literally the nicest thing I have tasted in ages!!


Taste I would totally give all of the nibbles a 5/5 except the Coconut Bliss which would score a 3/5 and Toffee Treat 10000/5 heheh

Value for Money If you buy the sampler box a £6.50 it works out at 93p a bag which in my opinion is fab. Tesco also sell them for 75p a bag and are on offer 3 for 2. I see these as a snack item and I’m sure many people spend more on a chocolate bar etc

Buy again? YES 😀

Create your own Nakd Bars

It’s real easy to make your own bars at home too. All you need is to blend some nuts, raw cacao powder and Medjool Dates in a food processor and add any ingredients that take your fancy, for example orange juice/Zest. You can even experiment with the nuts you use too!

Mine didn’t taste as great as a Nakd bar but they were still amazing. Next time I will double this recipe maybe try some diff nuts and add some more ingredients to jazz it up 🙂

photo (34)

70g almonds

1 tabsp raw cacao powder

200g Medjool Dates

Blended, then froze for 1 hour and refrigerated


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