My fave things lately :D

Foxy’s Fave things 🙂

Fave Smoothie

 Since turning Vegan, I have found myself eating so much more fruit. I was always scared the sugar in fruit would make me fat and was always trying to stick to a low carb diet! I am literally eating the opposite to what I was before and I

My fave smoothie this week was Green Dream. 306 cals, 39g carbs, 16g fat, 2g protein.

photo 1 (6)


2 apples

1 celery stalk

1/2 lemon

1/2 kiwi

1/2 avocado

The avocado makes it real creamy

Fave Baking

I love to read people’s blogs and this week I came across which is written by Amanda and has tons of health and fitness posts including Vegan recipes too 🙂 I had a go at making the Vegan Flourless Banana Muffins and they were totally awesome 🙂

Recipe can be found here:

photo 2 (6)

Fave Find

Have always found Tesco to be best at stocking substitutes for Vegans and last week I found Violife, a Vegan alternative to cheese 🙂 Everyone said that when I turned Vegan I would miss cheese the most but I haven’t really missed it at all but perhaps because I never really had it much beforehand.

Taste: The taste reminded me of Babybel’s, a very mild and rubberyish taste but still really nice 🙂 There are lots of different flavours in the range such as Tomato and Basil and Pizza cheese.

Value for money: Violife retails in Tesco for £2.29 a block which I think is great because often substitutes are more expensive but this is a similar price to cheese 😀

Buy again? I’m not sure I would personally buy this again as I didn’t eat much cheese in the first place but I would totally recommend to people missing cheese or even people who are lactose intolerant. Was great to try 🙂

Where to buy: Tesco, Holland and Barrett or

photo 3 (2)

Next to try

Hognuts announced their new flavours this week and all but one of them are suitable for Vegans (White chocolate and wild berry). Hognuts are high in protein and have amazeball flavours such as Pistachio Ice cream and Cherry Sherbert Dip :0 Cannot wait to try these! You can order from

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