Vegan Protein Powders And Reviews :)

I can guarantee that all Vegans reading this have been asked at least 10 times from Non- Vegans, “But where do you get your protein sources from?”. The answer is relatively simple, beans, nuts, quinoa, tofu, even vegetables like broccolli contain protein!

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Some vegans like to make out that it is really easy to get a lot of protein into your diet and whilst I do agree there are a lot of Vegan protein sources, I would argue its obviously not as easy as a Non Vegan diet. I have started to train again lately and the first thing I researched was an alternative to Whey protein. I never really used to like the taste of protein shakes but the convenience after a gym session was what attracted me to them and I was eager to find a Vegan alternative.


There are many different Vegan shakes on the market, including hemp protein, rice protein, soya protein, cranberry protein, pea protein and even more. There are even arguments to suggest that hemp protein has a lot more benefits than whey protein but I will leave that for another blog post!

Over the past few weeks I have tried a few and my reviews are below. Obviously when it comes to a protein powder, whether its whey or a vegan kind, people are going to enjoy different tastes and react to them differently, for example whey makes some people bloat and some people cannot tolerate soya very well, so the reviews below are just my personal judgement and I hope it may help other Vegans looking for a quick shake!

Reviews 🙂 and comments

Brand Type of protein G of protein per serving Calories per serving G of carbs/fat per serving Taste Mixability Price Recommend?
Good Hemp Hemp 14.1 111 4.6/3.8 3/5 (Natural) 4/5 £13


My Protein Vegan Blend Pea, rice and hemp 25 120 1.4/1.6 1/5

(Choc Smooth)

2/5 £18


For cooking
Pulsin Pea 16.4 70 0.2/0.4 1/5 (Natural) 4/5 £22


Prob only to add to savoury dishes like soup
Gardenia Pea, quinoa, hemp 20 120 8/2 4/5 (vanilla bean) 4/5 £39


Yes if you like thick shakes
Arbonne Pea, cranberry, rice 20 160 14/3 5/5 (vanilla) 5/5 £54


Yes if you don’t mind added sugar and price
Nature’s Garden Soya 24 113 1.2/1.4 0/5 (strawb) 5/5 £18


NO tastes like poison


I am tempted to try the My Protein Vegan blend again because I think my taste buds may now be used to the texture


I have tried the Sativa Shakes- the toffee hemp one and the Choc caramel and also the Strawberry banana high pro shake! They are all great they mix well, haev a high protein content and taste fab! I would defo give them 5/5 and would recommend and buy again! The only thing I am not keen on is the High Pro one contains soy protein and I am trying to avoid soy.



I have also tried Sun warrior Warrior Blend in Vanilla Flavour. It is high protein and tastes ok, I can finish it, the stevia makes it taste very sweet but it’s not my favourite vegan protein. I would probably buy it again because I like that it is a raw protein powder and contains a variety of proteins but not including soy which is a bonus for me!



Good Hemp Protein Powder

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I will start with a good one first! Raw Hemp Protein is made from 100% raw hemp seeds and that’s literally it so it has no nasty sweetners added to it! I bought natural flavour, so far I have had it mixed with banana and peanut butter and have also made a vegan cookie with the powder and oats (recipe on my Instagram @foxyhotgirl). For me, I personally hate thick shakes and hate the Vegan shakes that taste grainy, this is relatively thin and has no strong taste to it. However I am yet to try it on its own mixed with water! The shake also comes in strawberry flavour too. The only downside I have with this protein is that it is higher in fat compared to a standard whey protein. Thankyou @missrich7 from Insta for recommending 🙂 

You can buy this from Holland and Barrett or direct from their site

My Protein Vegan Blend

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This is a blend of Pea protein isolate, rice protein, and hemp protein. It comes in unflavoured or chocolate smooth flavour. I tried the chocolate smooth flavour and really wasn’t keen on it but this could have been my own fault as I never used to like chocolate whey! The shake was a bit too thick and grainy for me. However I did find this protein really good to bake with and made some great vegan brownies with it! Sometimes whey can go a bit chewy when used in cooking and this was definitely better! The carbs and fat macros are great in this one!!!!

Pulsin Protein Powders

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The Pulsin Proteins are all unflavoured and completely natural. They come in soya, hemp, pea, and rice. I bought two samples at Bodypower of the pea and rice protein. I absolutely could not drink either, even mixed in with a banana and peanut butter shake (like i do with the hemp) i just couldn’t drink it! They are quite thick and grainy and taste quite earthy! I have tried mixing them into savoury dishes and they work a lot better in soups and curries

Body Nutrition Gardenia Vegan Protein

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I was so lucky to meet Ant from @ProteinPicknMix at Bodypower last week and he gave me two samples of this protein which is made by the company who make Trutein protein. It comes in Vanilla Bean flavour and Chocolate Cacao. It is a blend of pea, quinoa and hemp protein and also has greens in too! I mixed them with frozen banana and water. These shakes weren’t for me because I like my shakes quite thin but I would 100% recommend to people who like thick shakes, the vanilla bean was my fave flavour and tasted like a marzipan milkshake!! I think most people would be able to drink this on its own mixed with water 🙂 I LOVEEEEEEEE the packaging of the 908g tubs as they are made from cardboard that can be fully recycled 🙂 Higher in carbs than a standard whey.

Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix

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I loved the flavour of this one the most and I think I could drink it on its own with just water. It comes in vanilla and chocolate flavour. An arbonne rep from Insta @sarah_douglasthepug was kind enough to send me some samples. It is a blend of pea, cranberry and rice protein. What I liked so much is that it is a thin shake and not too thick and it isn’t grainy either 🙂 The only downsides are that it has sugar in which means per serving there are 14g of carbs.,1476,276.aspx

Nature’s Garden Soya Protein Isolate 

This comes in strawberry, chocolate or natural flavour and is a soya protein. I tried the strawberry and it tasted like poison to me sorry!!

Still to try:

Obviously there are tons more Vegan proteins on the markets but the next I’d like to try are:

Sativa Shakes :

Genetic supps Vegan Protein:

Sun Warrior:

Reflex Vegan Protein :

Plant Fusion:

If unflavoured protein isn’t for you, you could try adding My Protein drops to it 🙂

My fave things lately :D

Foxy’s Fave things 🙂

Fave Smoothie

 Since turning Vegan, I have found myself eating so much more fruit. I was always scared the sugar in fruit would make me fat and was always trying to stick to a low carb diet! I am literally eating the opposite to what I was before and I

My fave smoothie this week was Green Dream. 306 cals, 39g carbs, 16g fat, 2g protein.

photo 1 (6)


2 apples

1 celery stalk

1/2 lemon

1/2 kiwi

1/2 avocado

The avocado makes it real creamy

Fave Baking

I love to read people’s blogs and this week I came across which is written by Amanda and has tons of health and fitness posts including Vegan recipes too 🙂 I had a go at making the Vegan Flourless Banana Muffins and they were totally awesome 🙂

Recipe can be found here:

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Fave Find

Have always found Tesco to be best at stocking substitutes for Vegans and last week I found Violife, a Vegan alternative to cheese 🙂 Everyone said that when I turned Vegan I would miss cheese the most but I haven’t really missed it at all but perhaps because I never really had it much beforehand.

Taste: The taste reminded me of Babybel’s, a very mild and rubberyish taste but still really nice 🙂 There are lots of different flavours in the range such as Tomato and Basil and Pizza cheese.

Value for money: Violife retails in Tesco for £2.29 a block which I think is great because often substitutes are more expensive but this is a similar price to cheese 😀

Buy again? I’m not sure I would personally buy this again as I didn’t eat much cheese in the first place but I would totally recommend to people missing cheese or even people who are lactose intolerant. Was great to try 🙂

Where to buy: Tesco, Holland and Barrett or

photo 3 (2)

Next to try

Hognuts announced their new flavours this week and all but one of them are suitable for Vegans (White chocolate and wild berry). Hognuts are high in protein and have amazeball flavours such as Pistachio Ice cream and Cherry Sherbert Dip :0 Cannot wait to try these! You can order from

*Review* Green People Foaming Face Wash :)

Green People Foaming Face Wash

I don’t believe you can review a skin care product without giving it at least a 4 week trial. When I decided to turn to a Vegan lifestyle, it was important for me to not only change my eating habits but also my lifestyle choices, so I set about looking for an ethical company for my skin care needs, who were cruelty free with vegan products. It was also important for me that the products were as natural as possible.


@_ohmyitsloz put me in the direction of the Green People. The Green People strive to offer certified natural organic products for a variety of skin types and for the whole family too. They never test on animals. All their products are free from nasty chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, parabens, propylene glycol, and PEGS just to name a few. 10% of their profit is donated to charity 🙂

I have an oily skin type and the website was laid out very easily that I could search for products that would specifically suit me. Not only this but it is easy to see which products are vegan too 😀 I was surprised at the number of products available and in the end I chose the Foaming Face Wash.

photo (4)

The foaming face wash is a natural anti blemish cleanser which can be used everyday. I have been using along side my normal toner and moisturizer from Liz Earle which are Vegan too (their Cleanse and Polish unfortunately isn’t ;( ).

Results : Whilst my skin didn’t improve it certainly didn’t get any worse with this product 🙂

Sometimes I didn’t really feel as though my skin was sparkly clean but I have noticed that with other chemical free products and I do take that as a good thing because I try to avoid the chemicals that give that sensation, as it can end up making your skin dry in the long run.

Smell: OMG to die for!! If you are a fan of Geranium this is definitely one for you 😀

Price: £10.95 for 100ml, definitely great value for money. Has lasted me just over a monthYou also collect points on their website and there is also very often offers on too 🙂

Buy again? Undecided but swaying more to YES! And I would definitely try other products from the Green People 😀 Obviously everybody’s skin will react differently but there are heaps of good reviews for this product.

Comments: I love the fact Green People are an ethical company who are cruelty free and who make an effort to avoid chemicals in their products. The foaming face wash is 96.4 % organic and all fairly traded 😀 The only thing to watch out for in this product is Benzyl Alcohol and Salicylic acid which can cause irritation to some people.


Nutritional Yeast aka ‘Nooch’ :)

Nutritional Yeast

Since turning Vegan, one of my favourite products to use is Nutritional Yeast, not only is it great for Vegans as it contains the vitamin B12 but it also adds so much flavour to a meal 🙂

What is Nutritional Yeast?


Not to be confused with conventional yeast that we use to make bread, nutritional yeast is a deactivated yeast.

It is a purely natural food source that comes from a strain of Saccharomyces Cerevasiae, grown on purified molasses. It is then harvested, washed and heated to ‘deactivate it’ and therefore it doesn’t froth up like conventional Brewer’s yeast.

It contains no genetically modified organisms and is completely suitable for vegetarians and vegans 🙂 ( just be careful which brand you use if you are vegan as some of the US brands contain whey).

What does it taste like?

Nooch can be bought as a powder or more commonly in flakes. This makes it easy to sprinkle on top of meals and to easily dissolve if making a sauce.

Nutritional yeast has a savoury cheesy nutty taste and is used in a lot of vegan recipes that would normally call for cheese, such as cheese sauces, macaroni cheese or cauliflower cheese 🙂 I have made a few so I will have to upload recipes too 🙂

photo 1 (1) photo 3 (1)

Nutritional Benefits

photo (24)

The main health benefit of nutritional yeast is that it is rich in B Vitamins and Zinc. Vitamin B12 is considered an essential supplement for Vegans, B12 is found in most animal products so we can sometimes struggle to get enough on a Vegan diet. B12 is essential for the functioning of our brain and nervous system and B Vitamins help to give us energy. It’s not only Vegans who can be deficient in B Vitamins, so Nooch is a great easy way to pack some into your diet!


Nutritional Yeast has a distinct cheesy flavour and has less calories than the UK’s most favourite cheese, more protein and far less fat too. Not only is it packed with vitamins but it is completely cruelty free, no animals are harmed 😀

photo (25)

Where to buy?

 You can get your hands on all kinds of brands of Nooch from Amazon but I personally buy mine from where it is around £2.50 and with free postage too 😀

Don’t let the name put you off, it really is a great thing to have in your cupboard to sprinkle over your meals 🙂