Review! Hotel Chocolat Milk Free Milk Bunny Lick! #VEGAN

I went to Chester for two days at the start of the week. It is such a lovely place, if you have never been I cannot recommend it highly enough, plenty of things to do, places to eat and shop too 🙂

photo (20)

Whilst I was there I popped in to the Hotel Chocolat shop as I had read a few reviews on their new Milk Free Chocolate.


The idea behind the milk free chocolate is that it will taste as creamy and as mellow as their original milk chocolate, however it is made with almond milk instead of milk powder, with apparently no compromise to the taste!

There are a few different things in this range, some Easter eggs ranging from £10 to £15, a box of 16 mini bunnies for £5.50 and also the Bunny shaped lollipop which I tried, costing £1.95.

photo (21)

I have to say the Bunny lollipop was absolutely delicious and made a change to dark chocolate, however in my opinion it did not taste like the original milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I would buy this range again as I did enjoy it and I think it would make great Easter presents for any Vegan friends (or even Non Vegans, it tastes that good!). The bunny does taste very rich and I couldn’t eat it all in one go!

Taste: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Value for money: 3/5

Buy again? YES 😀

Whilst I was in the store, I received exceptional customer service from the sales assistant, I think she was called Nia. She was really clued up and knowledgable about which products were suitable for vegans. She pointed out to me the new range and also showed me the dark chocolates that were dairy free, she even mentioned that some of the products with nuts in contain shellac so would not be suitable for vegans. I can not praise her enough, she was a great help and I even bought two other bars of chocolate which I will review when I try them 🙂


Hotel Chocolat has a fab range of chocolate treats for Vegans and they can be found here:

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