Review! Hotel Chocolat Milk Free Milk Bunny Lick! #VEGAN

I went to Chester for two days at the start of the week. It is such a lovely place, if you have never been I cannot recommend it highly enough, plenty of things to do, places to eat and shop too 🙂

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Whilst I was there I popped in to the Hotel Chocolat shop as I had read a few reviews on their new Milk Free Chocolate.


The idea behind the milk free chocolate is that it will taste as creamy and as mellow as their original milk chocolate, however it is made with almond milk instead of milk powder, with apparently no compromise to the taste!

There are a few different things in this range, some Easter eggs ranging from £10 to £15, a box of 16 mini bunnies for £5.50 and also the Bunny shaped lollipop which I tried, costing £1.95.

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I have to say the Bunny lollipop was absolutely delicious and made a change to dark chocolate, however in my opinion it did not taste like the original milk chocolate from Hotel Chocolat. I would buy this range again as I did enjoy it and I think it would make great Easter presents for any Vegan friends (or even Non Vegans, it tastes that good!). The bunny does taste very rich and I couldn’t eat it all in one go!

Taste: 4/5

Quality: 5/5

Value for money: 3/5

Buy again? YES 😀

Whilst I was in the store, I received exceptional customer service from the sales assistant, I think she was called Nia. She was really clued up and knowledgable about which products were suitable for vegans. She pointed out to me the new range and also showed me the dark chocolates that were dairy free, she even mentioned that some of the products with nuts in contain shellac so would not be suitable for vegans. I can not praise her enough, she was a great help and I even bought two other bars of chocolate which I will review when I try them 🙂


Hotel Chocolat has a fab range of chocolate treats for Vegans and they can be found here:

Make a difference :D

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved helping other people. When I was at school I was a mentor to younger children and when I was at University I helped to set up the Volunteering Society.


Whilst at University, I gave up my Christmas to help at a homeless shelter and I enjoyed it so much I ended up regularly volunteering with the homeless! One February night I even slept in a cardboard box to raise money for the charity! I also volunteered at a special needs school and set other students up on placements where they felt their help would be beneficial, whether it was repainting foster homes, helping out at local schools or doing conservation work. This led me to be nominated for a HESVA (Higher Education Student Volunteer Award) and this is one of my proudest moments!


So one could say, I am very passionate about volunteering! When I used to talk to the members of the Volunteering Society, I used to tell them all the benefits that would come from Volunteering, such as:

  • Volunteering allows social interaction and can build your confidence. You can make new friends and even new job contacts.
  • Volunteering can help you develop skills and can make you more employable.
  • Volunteering helps the community and makes you feel positive.
  • Looks great on your CV!


With so many options to volunteer, I used to remind other students that the first place to look to volunteer is somewhere that you would enjoy. For example, if you love children, why not volunteer in local schools or if you are looking to work as a carer then why not gain some work experience by volunteering in a care home. This means you will be helping the community but it will be equally beneficial to you because it will be doing something you enjoy.

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I have previously managed a charity shop and without the help of volunteers, I would have really struggled to run the shop on a day to day basis. Their help was invaluable to me and I am so happy that some of my volunteers went on to find full time jobs because of the skills and experience they learnt whilst at the shop.

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Anybody who knows me will know how much I love animals and recently I have been volunteering at the local dog’s shelter. I have been lucky enough to be able to walk lots of lovely dogs and whilst this is helping the shelter and the dogs by giving them a daily walk it is also great for me too. I am in no position to have a dog of my own, so this way I get lots of cuddles and affection from the rescue dogs. I always leave feeling like I have helped to improve the doggie’s day 😀


So, if you have any free time, why not consider Volunteering. Write a list of your hobbies and try to find something that would help others and give you lots of fun too 😀

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