What I have been up to this week :D

I did start writing a long post but have decided to change it and keep it positive and upbeat in fear of repeating some of my other posts, where I have fallen off the wagon and crawled back on!

This week I have found myself with more time again YIPPPEEE πŸ˜€

After not being particularly focused on my diet and training I have written myself a plan, five days in the gym focusing on weights and a little cardio (boy the cardio part is hard when you have had time off!!!) and in regards to the diet sticking to clean healthy meals and not worrying too much about macros this week, just trying to stay consistent, something that hasn’t happened lately oopsie!

Breakfast today

photo (9)

I tried scitecs vanilla very berry whey shake. I am not overly keen on shakes but this was nice, mixed well and if you love sweet things you will love this flavour.I am also a big fan of their choc peanut shake and pistachio too. I cannot recommend Scitec’s belgian choc casein enough, I am not a huge fan of casein but this is lush!!! Just don’t make the mistake of ordering white choc passionfruit casein :O

Still loving my promixxer, at first I was like wow how lazy have people become not even being able to shake their protein shakes haha but for someone who mixes greens in with their whey this shaker is the best for me!

Bit of baking πŸ™‚

photo (8)

Yesterday I made Jamie Eason’s protein bars. I have always loved these but as I was staying quite strict with macros before I never included them in my diet. I made these with Myproteins vegan blend, and didn’t have any baking powder hence why they are so flat!!

The vegan protein is awesome to cook with, it doesn’t go hard and chewy like whey sometimes does once baked, I wasn’t a fan of the vegan blend as a shake though.


photo (10)

Again, I wasn’t eating many beans and lentils when I was being stricter, I was mostly living off egg whites so I loved this lunch today πŸ™‚ Threw some adzuki beans, green lentils, carrot, parsnip and leeks into a can of chopped tomato, added cayenne pepper and cooked for around 40 minutes then topped with hemp seeds πŸ™‚ delightful πŸ™‚

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