You can have results or excuses…. not both!


When I am lacking motivation in the gym or to eat clean, I blog less and tweet less too, I try to keep a low profile and hope no one will notice that I’ve gone off track!

This is of course unless you are one of my close friends, then I will text you 5000000 times a day. First thing in the morning I will be  full of energy and motivation, then come 10 am my friends will start receiving texts which get more and more annoying ;such as an excuse for why I can’t make it to the gym today, an excuse for why it was absolutely essential that I eat the packet of chocolate fingers in the fridge combined with another lame excuse such as how the dog ate my food prep!


Roll on 8pm, where they will get then get the texts of me crying that i’m obese every two seconds and wishing I could go back in time and uneat the 63,000 krispy kreme donuts! Come 10pm I will be in bed promising these friends that I will be good tomorrow and no more slipping up…. until the next day!


It started 12 weeks ago, I was the most motivated I had been in ages and was starting to see great results. I always like to push myself in the gym, but this time I went too far and managed to break my rib on the leg press (don’t ask!). The doctor told me I was ok to carry on training, which I did dosed up on strong painkillers but in the end this led to more complications with air getting trapped between my lungs and rib. This resulted in me having to take time off from the gym, instead of keeping my diet clean to avoid maximum damage whilst not training, I went on a massive route of self destruction.

I think my friends have heard every excuse in the book from me, how I have started a new job and need to settle in, how the people around me don’t understand my lifestyle etc and to be honest even I am getting tired of hearing the same old excuses on repeat! There is only so many times you can pick yourself up and say you will start over without feeling and looking stupid!


But that’s the thing with fitness, it’s never to late to start over or start again. Everything in your life is temporary and you make new choices every day. Sometimes it’s not easy to always stay on track and you shouldn’t beat yourself up about it. You shouldn’t compare yourself to other people’s journey’s because you don’t know how easy or how hard they have it behind the scenes.


But on the other hand if you do really want something in life, you have to be prepared to make the sacrifices, to make the right choices day in day out and to choose to have progress and results instead of lame excuses!

Just a public shout out to my friends who are there for me every day especially Laura, Loz, Rosie, Sophia and Kirkby and my one and only Miioow ❤

So today instead of texting these lot promising to be better, I am promising to do this for myself, food prep is all done, ipod is on charge and tomorrows workout plan is all written out with a banging gym outfit to go with 😀


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