Do it for the people rooting for you <3

I quite often see images like this on Twitter, or something similar, like “Do it to prove your haters wrong!”…Image

Whilst everyone is on their own unique journey and everyone will have different things which will motivate them to push that extra bit harder in the gym or to stay away from bad food, I can’t help but think the opposite to this saying.

“Do it for the people supporting you, for the people who believe in you and want to see you do well!”

Maybe it’s because I am lucky and I haven’t experienced any hate towards what I am striving to achieve. Like everyone I’ve had a few negative comments but mostly from people who find it hard to understand my goal and who think I am trying to turn into the Hulk! But once they can see how passionate I am about my goal, I get nothing but love and support.

I truly believe that your fitness goal should be about doing it for yourself and not to please other people but instead of finding extra motivation from my ‘haters’, I prefer to fight that little bit harder in the gym for my supporters. I am lucky to have so many people supporting me and rooting for me to do well and I know that once I step on stage for the first time, no matter how well I do, they will be happy for me and just as proud of me as I will be of myself.

If you do it to prove your ‘haters’ wrong, I can guarantee you even if you win first place in everything you do they will probably still find something to hate on you for because they were probably just jealous of you to begin with!

So next time you are lacking in motivation, think of all the people that want to see you succeed, whether it be getting a new job, running your first race, entering your first competition, I am sure you all have people that really want you to do well.



Just a quick update on my progress, as I haven’t blogged in a while 🙂

Not sure if I blogged about it but I passed my Level 3 PT course 🙂 woo. This has really helped with my training 🙂

I met a few of you at the Nationals last week @chocoholixnaomi @RosieJfitness_1 @xNatalieB to name a few :), some of you were shocked to find out that I have joined Show Girl Fitness as I hadn’t really mentioned it on Twitter. When I was first getting interested with the idea of competing, I was coached by Michelle back in 2012 and I loved her support back then so it made sense to join again and be coached by the best ❤


Things were going really well until about a month ago I managed to crack my rib! So training has been a lot lighter than normal but now I am feeling much better and I am ready to beast it! I love being part of a team with like minded girls and the results Michelle is getting with the team is absolutely amazing!

I also had my first posing lesson a few weeks ago too, I need lots more practice but I really enjoyed it 😀

And finally, I start a new job tomorrow which I am really excited about and will be happy to get into a routine with gym and meals 🙂

So here’s a picture of my bikini bestie and I after team posing in our team hoodies, love you and thanks for all your support and believing in me @miioow ❤