Every day is a rest day

A few people have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet speaking about my training lately. I mentioned in my last blog post that I had been seeing a physio for postural imbalance as I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain in my lower back when doing exercises such as squats and leg press. The physio I was seeing was absolutely tootes amazeballs and I was already getting back into the gym (still being careful!). And then BOOOOOM, clumsy old me fell down the stairs ;(

It’s coming up to three weeks now that I fell! No, I wasn’t drunk or for once I wasn’t even in heels, so you can send me sympathy 😀 I have been to the doctor twice since falling and they have confirmed that I haven’t done anything serious, just bad bruising, which believe it or not can take 12 weeks to heal 😮 O M G

Today was the first time I trained properly since it happened and I took it nice and gentle. I just wanted to talk about how frustrating it is to be injured when you have such motivation to reach your goals. At the start of the year I was waiting on news from the hospital to see if I needed an operation for a different health problem, this would defo of knocked my competing dreams on the head, luckily it was all good news from the hospital so I was raring to go! And now this has knocked me back again!


Obviously, we all know that diet is equally if not more important than training, so I should have kept my diet clean to not lose too much progress but I am one of these all or nothing girls! My diet hasn’t been too bad but I would be lieing if I said it had been completely clean!

Luckily I have a little photo shoot booked for the 14th March, so the goal at the moment is to ease myself into the gym again slowly, being careful of my back and try to keep my diet good, so that I don’t look too bad! And keep my eye on the ultimate goal of competing still!


On a brighter note, I qualified as a PT 😀 and I met some fantastic people on my course too 😀 I have a new job which starts on Monday 😀

  • Remember if you are injured, you need rest, don’t rush back until you are ready!
  • If you sit down lots in your job, pay attention to your glutes, because like me your butt muscles might not be as active in some exercises as you think they are.
  • If you do lots of weight training, yoga/pilates can help with flexibility and stretching.
  • Get into FOAM ROLLING!!!
  • Eat well and rest smart MWAH

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