Egg Muffins

Place a few chopped onion and vegetable of your choice,(mushrooms/tomatos/peas work well) into a muffin tin.

Whisk up some eggs, 1 egg = 2 muffins. Pour into muffin tin.

Add grated cheese (optional)

Bake for 10 to 15 mins ish on 180 degrees, until set.

Voila x


Nicest thing I have tasted all week!

Ok, that’s kind of a lie because I also got to taste Nuts N More Choc Almond butter which is equally as delishhhhhh, however I had to tell you about this product too!


It is a 60 g bar of all natural ingredients including raw cacao, agave nectar, coconut butter, carob flavour and ground almonds! If you love the taste of carob, this really is the food of the God’s! The bars also come in different flavours including goji berries and wait for it….. PEANUT BUTTER FUDGE!

It’s really easy to cut the bar up into smaller pieces but they also come in smaller sizes in the gift packs too.

The bars are all handmade in Cornwall by a family business and are all sugar free, dairy free and gluten free. Not only do they sell these amazing bars, they also sell other super foods like hemp, cacao nibs and wheatgrass powder!

So check them out…..

This morning I used a tiny tiny teeny weeny bit in my porridge and it was AWESOME ❤


Nuts n More :D

After waiting what felt like a LIFETIME! I finally got my hands on some Nuts N More Choc Almond spread 😀

I’m sure most of you in the fitness world have heard of this little beauty but just in case you haven’t I will fill you in! So Nuts n More is a fortified nut butter. They are a natural product with added whey and flax to give 14g of protein per serving with no extra calories or fat!

I tried the choc almond flavour but they also sell peanut butter and flavours such as cinnamon and pumpkin spice!

The butter is really smooth and tastes divine! I cannot wait for the toffee flavour!

I bought mine from  (great customer service and speedy delivery 😀 )


Be your own Fairy God Mother <3

I saw this quote yesterday and fell in love with it! I don’t want this post to come across as really patronizing, I just want y’all to be happy 😀


I am a big believer that for most of us, our dreams don’t just fall into our laps and we have to work hard for them! I don’t think this is a bad thing, especially for those of us who are motivated and ambitious, it is great to have a goal to aim for and we feel a massive sense of accomplishment once we have achieved them! I mean who wants an easy life all of the time!


I love this quote so much because so many people ask me day in day out how I am such a confident and happy person. The one thing I find in common with these people is that they all feel a victim to life. They may not be happy in say their jobs but they get stuck in a rut and time just passes them by. I ask them if they have thought about the kind of job they would like to do and everything seems impossible to them and some haven’t even attempted to search for a new job. I want to tell them don’t sleep walk through life! Life is too short to do something every day that you don’t enjoy!


When I ask them why they are like this, they seem to think it’s normal because everyone around them feels the same! I really feel that if everyone started believing in themselves as their own fairy god mother, they would take control of their life and make changes before the changes are shoved on them or they would stop waiting for something to fall into their lap to make them happy. Obviously people have busy lives with jobs and families but I feel the main thing that stops people from following their dreams is fear of failure! It’s not easy to take risks but if you make a sensible plan it will pay off!


Not only is it the fear of failure, I think we live in a society nowadays where we are constantly told to “stay positive” and “look on the bright side of life”. While I massively believe it is better to be a optimistic person, I feel lots of people nowadays shut away their emotions and feelings in order to stay positive and I think this impacts people following their dreams, because how many people actually know what their real dreams are if they never think about them or how they can accomplish them? People need to look at their lives and understand what’s working and what’s not in order to improve.


It’s ok to not be happy with what you have and want to change it! That doesn’t mean you are a negative person or that you are ungrateful, it just means you want to better yourself.

Nobody really wants to admit what it is that needs to change. I always get asked if I think going to University for 4 years was a waste of my time as I now don’t work in a field related to my degree. I completely disagree that it was a mistake, at the time I was following my dreams and I was absolutely 100% happy to do so, I learnt amazing skills that are transferable into all areas of my life, I had awesome experiences like living abroad for a year but most of all I met life long friends with whom I made unforgettable memories. I landed a graduate job soon after Uni but it’s important to realise that dreams can change and I wanted to keep chasing mine!


I think most people who are striving to improve their health and fitness are also pretty focused in other areas of their lives too, I say this to people who ask me for help with their weight, that not only will good nutrition and exercise help you to feel amazing, once you start seeing results and reaching mini goals, you will want to create goals for all aspects of your life, whether it be your career or relationships too.

One last point, I saw one of the TTT boys write a facebook status along the lines of you don’t want to be your 80 year self talking to your grandchildren and telling them all the things you could have been if you had followed your dreams, you want to tell them all the things you have achieved!–G6Q&feature=c4-overview

Be brave and be happy 😀

Quest Anonymous!

@LauraCheshire29 and I are absolutely completely addicted to Quest bars!! I was so lucky to get the new ones delivered to me yesterday, what a great Valentine’s present 😀


I have to say, they are the best Quest yet! So, if you are looking for a clean treat, get pre ordering yours from for the best prices.

Big thank you to my bikini beauty @Sophia_Mirza21 for pointing out these amazing creations to me too, available in Tesco! Caramelised apple is my fave, great if you are bored of fruity green tea!


As you know, I am a big fan of progress pictures, they can spur you on to see how far you have really come…



mwah, love you all xx

Every day is a rest day

A few people have noticed that I’ve been a little quiet speaking about my training lately. I mentioned in my last blog post that I had been seeing a physio for postural imbalance as I had been experiencing quite a lot of pain in my lower back when doing exercises such as squats and leg press. The physio I was seeing was absolutely tootes amazeballs and I was already getting back into the gym (still being careful!). And then BOOOOOM, clumsy old me fell down the stairs ;(

It’s coming up to three weeks now that I fell! No, I wasn’t drunk or for once I wasn’t even in heels, so you can send me sympathy 😀 I have been to the doctor twice since falling and they have confirmed that I haven’t done anything serious, just bad bruising, which believe it or not can take 12 weeks to heal 😮 O M G

Today was the first time I trained properly since it happened and I took it nice and gentle. I just wanted to talk about how frustrating it is to be injured when you have such motivation to reach your goals. At the start of the year I was waiting on news from the hospital to see if I needed an operation for a different health problem, this would defo of knocked my competing dreams on the head, luckily it was all good news from the hospital so I was raring to go! And now this has knocked me back again!


Obviously, we all know that diet is equally if not more important than training, so I should have kept my diet clean to not lose too much progress but I am one of these all or nothing girls! My diet hasn’t been too bad but I would be lieing if I said it had been completely clean!

Luckily I have a little photo shoot booked for the 14th March, so the goal at the moment is to ease myself into the gym again slowly, being careful of my back and try to keep my diet good, so that I don’t look too bad! And keep my eye on the ultimate goal of competing still!


On a brighter note, I qualified as a PT 😀 and I met some fantastic people on my course too 😀 I have a new job which starts on Monday 😀

  • Remember if you are injured, you need rest, don’t rush back until you are ready!
  • If you sit down lots in your job, pay attention to your glutes, because like me your butt muscles might not be as active in some exercises as you think they are.
  • If you do lots of weight training, yoga/pilates can help with flexibility and stretching.
  • Get into FOAM ROLLING!!!
  • Eat well and rest smart MWAH

Crumpets and Coffee :D

Thanks to my totally gorgeous friend @chocoholixnaomi , I became introduced to a fantastic company called Crumpets and Coffee.

As you can probably guess from their name, they are an online site delivering Crumpets to your door. Not only do they sell Beanies Coffee, you also have the option to buy Storm Tea and delicious Zaabar chocolate.

I was lucky enough to get a box sent to me, where I requested Beanies Coffee. I saved the crumpets for my cheat meal but enjoyed the coffee pre workout. I’m sure all of you have heard of Beanies coffee, they make great flavoured coffee, which is low in calories too! I have tried most of the flavours and Hazlenut is my favourite so far! I know Naomi loves the double choc though 😀


The crumpets come in a box that the Postie can deliver straight through the letterbox and it also comes with a knife and fork, Lurpak butter and milk to go with your coffee. The coffee comes as ground coffee but they also include a paper filter if you’re like me and don’t have a coffee machine.

I have also tried the Zaabar chocolate in Ginger and white chocolate and have to say it is divine.

So, if you are stuck for present ideas and would like to cheer one of your nearest and dearest up, get following @crumpetscoffee and head over to their website…

You won’t be disappointed MWAH XXXX