I know a lot of people use cheat/treat meals as a refeed meal and especially in off season a lot of people like to enjoy treats with their family and use it as a way to socialize more. I completely agree with this and do it too!

I use other rewards to keep me feeling motivated too. I worked out that when I lived a more unhealthy lifestyle, I used to spend about £20 – £50 a week on drinking, £20 a week on takeaways and about £10000000000000000 a week on chocolate binges! I know trying to live a healthy lifestyle can also be expensive what with supplements, fresh food, gym memberships etc but I like to treat myself sometimes to things that will compliment my training, such as new gym wear and massages.

If I have a good few weeks of eating clean and training hard then I think it’s only fair to reward myself with something nice 🙂

It’s good to pamper yourself and there are other ways to reward yourself than food 🙂


For all of you who have had to put up with me moaning about my back… I had physio today and she said it’s nothing too serious. My pelvis is tilting forward so due to having a weak core, when i do heavy lifting such as deadlifts, squats, leg press etc a lot of the strain is going on my lower back and right glute/quad. The muscles here are really tight so until I feel more recovered I just need to stretch a lot.

Long term, I need to work around these exercises, use lower weights. Build on strengthening my core and flexibility an stretch every day!

I had my heart set on competing this year because I have said it for so long and it’s always been a dream. I know it’s not good to train when your body needs to rest. I felt my back twinging on Sunday but continued to train Monday and Tuesday because I thought about everyone else training and how I didn’t want to miss my goal and in the end I did myself more damage to the point I can barely move!

Physio was an eye opener for me today, I need to listen to my body more. At the end of the day competing is only one part of fitness and ultimately I want my body to be healthy and fit, not crippled to try and keep up with other people! I will continue training and eating well but not forcing my body to do what it doesn’t want to! If I am ready to compete then great but I will not pressure myself, main focus is getting back to ultimate health and being fit enough to train other people ❤

Love you all x

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