Follow your dreams <3

At the end of November last year, I made the decision to quit my full time job and pursue my dreams of working in the fitness industry. This was obviously a big risk for me but being sensible I had enough money saved to be able to pay for essentials like rent, bills and food. I was terribly unhappy working in a betting shop, I liked the job as such but wasn’t treated well and it was starting to impact on my social life and even my health.

Soon after leaving my job I booked in for my fitness instructor exams and passed with nearly 100% in every module! It had been a struggle studying around my job and trying to fit training in as well but I loved every second of it and I saw my own workouts improving as I gained more knowledge 🙂

I have been studying hard and am due to take my Personal Trainer Qualifications at the start of February. I know a lot of people slate these intensive PT courses but don’t get me wrong I will never stop trying to learn more and more so that I can help my clients with their goals. I was also lucky enough to get work experience in my old University Gym and have also been given the chance to write programmes for the customers there 🙂 I must have written about ten now and love hearing about people’s  successes, especially the people who had never stepped foot in a gym and now are as addicted as me 🙂

I am completely obsessed with Twitter and I have to admit most of what I talk about on there is something to do with fitness, I don’t feel guilty because it is up to people if they want to follow me or not, however on Facebook I try to tone it down a bit as many of my friends have no interest in keeping fit. I was really shocked that come January the 1st I was receiving tonnes of Facebook messages asking me to write programmes, asking me to help motivate them and I found this really overwhelming and lovely!

I always felt a bit unconfident, I guess because I follow so many amazing PT’s and coaches on Twitter, I used to think Gosh why would anyone want me to train them when they could have a international superstar PT. There has also been lots of debate lately about whether you would hire a PT if they didn’t look absolutely amazing themselves and the conclusion is normally no! The more I thought about it the more  felt stupid for trying to become a PT, but as all these Facebook messages from my friends poured in and it made me stop and think again.

All the PT’s and coaches I follow on Twitter are at the absolute top of their game, they have worked hard to get there, none of this was handed to them on a plate, they all had to start from somewhere. I hope in time as my knowledge and experience grows I will be as good as the people I look up to and will also be respected in the industry.

Compared to the normal average person, I do have a lot of knowledge about the gym and I have paid a lot of money to educate myself more. The reason I chose to follow my dream of becoming a PT is because I am so passionate about health and fitness and I would love to use my enthusiasm and knowledge to help other people feel good about themselves and I would always give my clients 100%. Ok I might not be able to help someone win the Olympics but I have enough knowledge to help somebody lose body fat, gain muscle or train for a race they would like to run.

I haven’t felt insecure for a very long time. I am at a stage of my life where I am completely confident with the person I am inside and out and I know where I would like to be in life. I need to remember this and stay confident in my abilities to be able to help other people achieve their dreams and to feel confident in their own skin too.

After all there is nothing better than feeling happy except making other people feel happy too 🙂


Be brave, take risks and follow your dreams too ❤

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