Food for thought

Whilst this video is based mostly on a conspiracy theory about drug companies and them being based solely on profit, I found this video really interesting and it makes you think about how important good food is for your body.

I think all of us who try to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle really feel the difference from when we eat fast food or do not have the time to look after ourselves properly. I know that I lack energy and start to feel sluggish when I don’t eat healthy. Eating well and exercising really can change your mood and I want people to realize that afternoon energy slumps aren’t normal, its just a side effect of the lifestyle you choose to lead. Food really does change your mood. It takes the same amount of energy to put crap in your mouth as it does something healthy and it is our own free choice as to what we eat, so why not make it something that will benefit how you feel?


The food in our supermarkets travels up to 2000 miles and by the time it’s on our shelves it could be at least five days old. So how nutritious is it really? We are all making a conscious effort to eat clean but even these foods are grown in soil full of chemicals and so lack a lot of important nutrients. Then we go and steam or cook the food and then end up losing even more vitamins and minerals.

In 2014, I am going to make more of an effort to shop at farmer’s markets and to research more about organic food and if it really does make a difference. I think it is important to invest in your health, as you will pay for it sooner or later. People are happy to pay big sums of money for cars and houses but then skimp when it comes to the quality of their food. You may be young now, living an unhealthy lifestyle and still looking amazing but come 50 or 60 life will look a lot different.


The video also speaks of super foods like Spirulina which is an extremely absorbable  plant based protein and is undamaged by heat and also cacao beans which are a great antioxidant. How many of you include super foods in your diet and really believe they make a difference?

With our food being less nutritious the video talks about supplementing with vitamins. I found this interesting because lately in the media they talk about how vitamins are dangerous for you or how they have no benefits to your body. Doctors are convinced by the old medical idea that one drug cures one illness, so it makes it hard to believe how good vitamins really are. For example Vitamin E is good for seizures, heart disease and burns, Vitamin C is a good anti histamine, anti toxin and it helps to elevate your mood too.

Its proven niacin can help cure depression but still doctors prescribe drugs which have side effects such as suicidal thoughts. When patients are told that two handfuls of walnuts can have the same effects as a Prozac tablet, they are worried that nuts are fattening! I agree that many doctors are uninterested in nutrition, recently I brought up concerns about my diet with a doctor and instead of asking me more questions they offered me a prescription for a dose of drugs. Whilst antibiotics and other short term drugs are essentially needed, is it not worth trying alternative methods than long term prescription drugs?

When we look at countries with the lowest cancer rates such as Japan we can see their diet is very clean, they eat a lot of sea food and have a diet rich in raw food and omega 3. Surely this shows that the food we eat really does affect our bodies.

After watching this video, I would be interested in your thoughts…

Do you feel better eating healthy, have you seen any significant health benefits?

Do you believe in eating organic? Do you eat super foods or include a lot of raw foods in your diet?

Do you supplement with vitamins/ do you think vitamins are unsafe and try to get them from your diet?

Happy new year xx

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