Optimum Nutrition Lean Whey

I was lucky enough to receive some samples of Optimum Nutrition’s new launch of protein “Lean Whey”.

Lean Whey is high protein and low carb but is also super good if you are trying to lean up because it contains CLA, L- Carnitine and Green Tea Extract 🙂

My first reaction when I saw the samples was that I was dubious about the flavours. The protein comes in chocolate milkshake, strawberry milkshake and vanilla milkshake flavour. I was curious as to whether they would actually taste like milkshake or if this was just a way to not make them sound like every other standard whey flavour on the market.

I have to inform you, I was wrong to ever have any doubt. They do taste really milkshakey, especially the vanilla flavour which tastes like a thick shake!

So this is how I tried them all…

Strawberry whey mixed with blueberries 🙂


Chocolate Whey banana pancakes


Vanilla Whey Post Workout


I would definitely buy these shakes as they tasted great and mixed well.


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