Jammie Dodger Protein Shake :)


Yes, you did read this right! It is pretty much Jammie Dodger flavour protein!!!

Now I am the one for buying weird flavoured protein and ending up with bags full that i hate in the cupboard. The worst ones I have tried were Latte, Caramel Machiatto, Choc Mint Brownie and Choc Coconut from various supplement company’s. Whilst I’ve sucked it up and downed most of them, it’s obviously much better to enjoy drinking your shake!

I have been suffering with digestive problems lately so i was also keen to try a new supplement company to see if changing my whey would help. I went for Go Nutrition as they are a new company and I had been hearing great reviews via Twitter. I went for the strawberries and cream whey isolate as I always find isolate is kinder to my tummy. Not much to report on the flavour as I feel you can’t go too wrong with strawberry (unless its ON Gold Standard 😮 #hate). But good news to report that my tummy didn’t go mental with the isolate #wooohoooo.

Go Nutrition’s crazy flavours caught my eye ; key west lime pie, blueberry cheesecake, Turkish delight, rhubarb and custards just to name a few and I was very tempted to order some. I managed to safely put the strawberry whey into the basket and felt proud I wasn’t making another mistake with a dodgy flavoured whey! And then boom i saw a sample pack of 10 of the crazy flavours so I knew I had to try!!

So far I have only had the Turkish delight, vanilla ice cream and Jammie Biscuit but I am raving so much about the Jammie biscuit. I have to admit it is a little bit sickly and extremely sweet so if that isn’t your thing beware but its soooooooo JAMMY!!!!! I drank it on the gym floor after my workout and literally wanted to go around and make everyone taste it, it’s that good!!!

So if you are adventurous and needing new protein I would totally recommend this one!!! The prices are really competitive too and it was delivered the next day from when I ordered  🙂

here’s the website for you guys


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