How do you juggle your time?

Recently I have been feeling really stressed out with all the things I need to be doing in my life.


I always thought I was good at managing my time well, I moved out of home very young so while I was at school and six form I was working different jobs in a supermarket and an Indian restaurant, revising for exams and generally just running the flat my boyfriend and I lived in. Whilst at University I also worked and prioritized my tasks well.

At the moment I feel a bit snowed under.

I have my Level 2 Fitness Instructor exams in less than three weeks, I have been studying this course via distance learning around work.

I actually I only work about 30 – 35 hours a week but it takes me about an 45 mins to get to and from work each day.

Around work I obviously have a social life too where I need to fit in boyfriend time and best friend time

I try to gym 4 to 5 times a week and along with the gym comes food prep. I try to prep my food for a few days in advance just to save time.

Obviously alongside this comes everyday chores such as washing and cleaning.


I openly admit I have OCD when it comes to organizing my life! Every Friday I make a plan for the following week, writing down my work hours, boyfriends and best friends hours, scheduling when I can see them, which days I can train around work and what I should be training, what I will be eating! It’s literally organisation to the max! The pro’s to this are I always know what I will be doing and that I will get to see my boyfriend, fit in all my workouts etc. The negatives are because it’s so organised there is little spontaneity and if anything changes in my plans it knocks me off track a little bit!

So my question to you all is how do you manage your time? When I speak to my friends about feeling stressed, their first reaction is to say, well why don’t you stop going to the gym or preparing your food. To me the gym is my relaxation time, time for myself and it makes me feel good and happy. A few days without the gym or workouts missed may not be the end of the world but it does make me feel grouchy and irritable. Same if I eat junk for a few days! The best way I save time is to try and be more productive with the time I have. I barely watch TV and I try to limit social media. What are your best tips?


I sometimes think it is really hard to fit everything in and I really wish I had more hours in the day to chill and relax! I know once my exams are over I will have more time but right now I feel like I am burning the candles at both ends. I just wanted to say how inspirational a lot of you are, not many people have the luxury of being able to train all day, most people I speak to on Twitter have full time jobs outside of the fitness industry and have it harder than me having to juggle children and families too. You all inspire me to keep going and fit in the gym around my other workloads, after all it is a lifestyle choice!


Jammie Dodger Protein Shake :)


Yes, you did read this right! It is pretty much Jammie Dodger flavour protein!!!

Now I am the one for buying weird flavoured protein and ending up with bags full that i hate in the cupboard. The worst ones I have tried were Latte, Caramel Machiatto, Choc Mint Brownie and Choc Coconut from various supplement company’s. Whilst I’ve sucked it up and downed most of them, it’s obviously much better to enjoy drinking your shake!

I have been suffering with digestive problems lately so i was also keen to try a new supplement company to see if changing my whey would help. I went for Go Nutrition as they are a new company and I had been hearing great reviews via Twitter. I went for the strawberries and cream whey isolate as I always find isolate is kinder to my tummy. Not much to report on the flavour as I feel you can’t go too wrong with strawberry (unless its ON Gold Standard ๐Ÿ˜ฎ #hate). But good news to report that my tummy didn’t go mental with the isolate #wooohoooo.

Go Nutrition’s crazy flavours caught my eye ; key west lime pie, blueberry cheesecake, Turkish delight, rhubarb and custards just to name a few and I was very tempted to order some. I managed to safely put the strawberry whey into the basket and felt proud I wasn’t making another mistake with a dodgy flavoured whey! And then boom i saw a sample pack of 10 of the crazy flavours so I knew I had to try!!

So far I have only had the Turkish delight, vanilla ice cream and Jammie Biscuit but I am raving so much about the Jammie biscuit. I have to admit it is a little bit sickly and extremely sweet so if that isn’t your thing beware but its soooooooo JAMMY!!!!! I drank it on the gym floor after my workout and literally wanted to go around and make everyone taste it, it’s that good!!!

So if you are adventurous and needing new protein I would totally recommend this one!!! The prices are really competitive too and it was delivered the next day from when I ordered ย ๐Ÿ™‚

here’s the website for you guys

Who doesn’t like a good old cuppa!

Have to admit I am slightly addicted to tea at the moment!!

Some of my faves are Tesco’s lemon Green Tea, Pukka’s elderberry and echinacea (to beat the cold everyone seems to be getting!), Teapigs Super berry and Heath and Heather’s Dandelion and Burdock!

I love all the Twinnings fruity green teas too, makes such a nice change to have the flavoured ones and I even saw that Georgia Simmons posted a picture a while back of a Twinnings tin of tea, it looked fab!!

I have to say I tried the licquorice tea and it really wasn’t for me but I am mega keen to try the chocolate one too! Has anyone had it yet?!


My fave tea sites

When will I ever compete?!

This blog post is going to be more like a diary entry, detailing some of the emotions and feelings I have been experiencing lately and barriers I need to overcome!

So I first became interested in Bodybuilding in March 2012 and for the first three months I was so dedicated with my diet and training. I started looking at competitions and pondered on the idea of entering Miami Pro in April this year. A goal which I truly did believe I could achieve if I worked hard. Since then countless Miami Pro’s have occurred, I’ve been to watch a few UKBFF shows, been glued to Twitter for updates on NABBA and BNBF shows and I have supported a lot of people who I follow on Twitter in their stage debuts.

I have even watched many people on Twitter fall in love with the idea of competing long after I did, and achieve their goals of stepping on the stage, with a lot of them even placing or winning! These people continue to inspire me everyday in knowing normal every day people can do this with a lot of hard work and effort.

Right now, I kind of feel embarrassed. I know everyone takes this journey at their own pace and reaches their destination at different times, but whilst I have been making slow gradual progress, when someone asks me “When are you going to compete?”, the answer is probably never if I carry on the way I am!

Friends, family, colleagues, people I speak to on Twitter are probably thinking, this girl said she goes to the gym and eats clean why does she always look the same! Some people at work have even commented saying they thought I was going to compete this year, am I going to do it next year?!

While this is a little embarrassing, the whole point of this blog post is to admit to the barriers I face so that I can overcome them. I am a big believer in visualization and also writing problems down so that you can face them head on.

The weeks where I make the most progress are the weeks I have a proper plan set out, I can prepare my food and know what to eat when and what to train on what day, This is a positive thing until I miss a meal or miss a training session ,it throws me off track and I spend the rest of the week demotivated. This is definitely something I need to overcome, as one bad day shouldn’t spiral into a week! CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

I think my biggest stumbling block is self doubt. At present, I do not have the money nor the time to invest in a personal trainer/coach. So I write my own diet ย and training plans based on the plans I have been given from coach’s before. I know that if I was consistent and stuck to these plans I would probably have greater success then I do now, but along the way I see girls on Twitter relying on their coach’s and at the end of the day these people really know what they are doing a lot better than I do, so I start to doubt what I am doing. I know this is silly because if I just carried on I would be making progress towards my final goals and I would be in a better position for when I am able to see a PT, which will hopefully be soon ๐Ÿ™‚

It is important to BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. In this sport, although a coach may be able to guide you, it is ultimately you who puts in the hard work and graft, the coach can motivate you but they cannot do the work for you.

HOWEVER, it is not all doom and gloom ๐Ÿ˜€ After watching the girls at the Midlands UKBFF ,seeing hundreds of gorgeous photos from Miami Pro and even the Olympia it has really inspired me still, I don’t look at these girls and think I could never do it, I truly believe one day my dream will come true, like theirs did too.


Even though right now I am being realistic and honest about why I am not reaching my goals, I do know with hard work and consistency I can turn this around. I feel like the Queen of Start overs and people may laugh at me but as long as one time you start over and stick to the plan, you will get there eventually! Start overs do become boring though, so this time I need to stick to the plan!

I read a tweet a few weeks ago where someone said that you know what your real dreams and passions are when you never stop thinking about them! This is so totally true for me, i have bodybuilding on the brain 24/7!

I have been making significantly more progress lately, the main driving point is I have my fitness qualification exams on November 16th and then I am hoping to start applying for jobs in a gym. I am a big believer of practice what you preach, so I don’t want to go to these interviews looking fat and unfit or start trying to advise people on fitness if I don’t look the part myself! Body fat is gradually going down and once i’m happy with that I want to work on getting hench ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thankyou for all the fitfams support, sometimes I think you must all think I’m a crazy stalker just liking all your stage pics! There are some new girls I have been following on Twitter who are just starting their journey and making amazing progress, I am determined that in a years time I won’t be sat here writing the same post and with them all stepping on the stage without me!!!

Mwah xxxxxxxxxxxx