Eat your Greens, if not Drink them!

I posted on Twitter about a month ago how I had just started using greens powder and lots of you were asking me how I found it, so I thought I would blog about it for all who were interested.

I ended up buying Super Greens from The Protein Works, there wasn’t a specific reason why I bought the greens as I feel I probably do eat enough of them, I just saw tons of people mentioning greens powder over twitter and thought it was something I would like to try.

The Protein works say that the powder is packed full of 23 of the most nutrient dense food sources and a single serving equates to 5 portions of fruit and vegetables. The benefits are said to be increased energy, fat loss, stronger immune system and a detox for the body.

I have to admit I did cheat a little bit because I bought the flavoured version, Mandarin Orange! You are instructed to mix 3 mini scoops worth with about 300 -400 ml of water. I have to say the first time I made it, I was a bit apprehensive. Not only did it look like dirty pond water it was also producing foam at the top and bottom!

I started to knock it back and to be fair I didn’t love it but after the horror stories I had heard on Twitter I was pleasantly surprised! As time went on I actually look forward to drinking it and find the orange taste very refreshing. I am even tempted to order unflavoured next time!

I have noticed changes within myself since I have started taking this supplement, I don’t feel I have changed anything else significantly in my diet or training, however I am much less stressed at work lately so I’m guessing some changes could also be down to that.

The changes I have noticed are : definite increases in energy – I no longer wake up and feel sluggish and reach for the coffee, I am also sleeping amazingly well, I don’t have as many cravings for sweet things, I have however also found a loss in appetite which is obviously good for weight loss but sometimes I have been forcing some meals down.

Overall I would definitely recommend this product especially if you struggle to get your veg in your meals, do not be put off by the taste at all because you will get used to it. I wouldn’t put it as one of my essential supplements like whey or multivitamins but it’s definitely given me a great boost and I will be buying it again!

Other news!

Just a quickie about whats going on in my world 🙂 I have been studying for my Level 2 Fitness Instructor qualification and luckily I was able to do my work experience in my old University gym, where I used to train 🙂 I have loved every second of the work experience and cannot wait to hopefully find a job in a gym soon. My exams are on November 16th so fingers crossed 🙂

Last Sunday I went to the UKBFF Midlands show to support and cheer on @kt_baybeh @mimi_tastic ( 2 of Magdas brilliant girlies) and @MissKymHall. It was a very long day to say the least with the show not finishing to well after 9 but I am sooo glad I stayed to see Emily and Kym on stage. All three girls have come along on their own personal journeys and they all looked fantastic on the stage, with Kate even winning Bodyfitness and qualifying for the British Finals! But as Magda said, “There are no losers in this game!”, as all of them smashed it on the stage!

It was also great to catch up with the Twitter fam and meet some of you for the first time @MillieEvans5 @MinxBecky @marcelgreenaway @Jason_Latham @Fit_Me4life to name a few!

Thanks girls for inspiring me and motivating me xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx