Introducing Miss Hardcore!

Hi there 🙂

I have always wanted to write a blog… to me it seems like it would just be like one extra long twitter post and for those of you who know me you will definitely know that I am completely addicted to twitter! I started to write a blog when I spent my placement year abroad in Germany, I remember my first post was about how I was having so much fun in Paderborn and how it was going to be a great year for me…. a week later I was on the plane back to England because I hated it so much.. oopsie. “Partyborn” had turned out to be more like “Paderboring” and therefore my blog came to an abrupt halt! (The year actually did turn out to be pretty cool as I spent it in Berlin in the end, however so cool there was no time for blogging!)

I have been inspired by so many blogs from twitter and this has made me want to write my own and hope it might be nearly  as good

To name a few….








About Me

My name is Charlotte, I’m 24 and have recently graduated with a degree in German and French. I am a total gym rat and I became interested in bodybuilding about a year ago, it has pretty much taken over my life! All my spare time is spent reading or researching about diet and training and I become cranky if I cannot make it to the gym!

People always ask how I became interested in bodybuilding in the first place and I thought this would be a good place to start for my first blog post…..

The majority of people who I read about, who have a strong interest in bodybuilding seem to  have always been involved with sport, whether it be dancing, athletics, boxing etc. Let me tell you I was the complete opposite! I was the bog standard person who joined the gym on 1st January, went religiously for the first two weeks then regreted having to pay the monthly fee for the rest of the year as I would be lucky if I even went once a month! I even remember at school during PE Lessons I used to hide in the toilets! This is how much I hated sport!

Although I have never been a real sporty type, I don’t really fall into the other category of people I read about either. I love to read the inspirational stories of the fat2fit people. People who have came on remarkable journeys and have lost tons of weight and are now looking for new goals in bodybuilding. I guess I was lucky that my Mother always bought me up relatively healthy so in my past I haven’t really struggled with my weight, I’ve always just been around about normal or a little bit podgy! I’m very lucky that my weight has never been an issue for me either and neither have I had any major life troubles that have turned me to fitness. I love reading everyone’s stories of how they first started to lift weights but I guess mine seems rather boring! ….

Whilst living in Germany, I found it hard to make good food choices. I am vegetarian and in Germany this isn’t as common as here in the UK. I lived dangerously close to the border of Poland and me and my friends Philippa, Oliver and @fayelein visited the cheap Polish restaurants a little too much! Philippa and I did actually have gym memberships but we often slacked it off to go to Poland or rewarded ourselves with post gym treats like pizza and ice cream!  When i returned home from Germany I wasn’t feeling as comfortable as before and decided to try and lose a bit of weight….

So me and @tialouise started going to classes like Zumba and Body Conditioning. It was a nice distraction from our Uni work, we got to spend some time together and soon the weight did start coming off of me.


This was me Summer 2009 and then this was me December 2011


I know a lot of people in the fitness world slag off fitness crazes like Zumba but I can honestly say it is what started off my gym addiction. I had never regularly visited a gym, and I just found it so fun even if I was a bit useless! After a few months I had become slightly bored of doing the same classes, I still loved Body Conditioning and I think this is where I developed my love for weights and DOM’s! Even if they were baby pink dumbbells it was still a start! Still I wasn’t ready to hit the gym so @tialouise and I started pole dancing classes, thinking it would be another easy and fun way to keep fit! Fun it was, easy it wasn’t! We used to come home covered in bruises and after months of learning the same routine we still couldn’t pass our exam but we did get there in the end!

What I am trying to say is even if you disagree with a fitness craze if it gets the person moving in the first place and in the right direction I don’t think it is a bad thing!


In around March 2012 I did eventually join my University gym =) @Sport_Aston and it changed my life! One of the PT’s Naheem (Mr Needy) showed me how to lift weights and I got hooked straight away. I loved feeling strong and even though I was still on baby weights I was lifting more and more each time. There was so much to learn and I loved how it gave me a break from studying. Everyone in the gym was so helpful. I went to @Bodypower2012 and it made me even more motivated to one day reach my aims of competing!

Where I am now

It’s now February 2013 and although I am probably not in the best shape of my life, I feel a million times more knowledgeable and definitely have the ambition and motivation to succeed  I am back on my training program and diet plan and already feel fantastic, I even have a new nickname in the gym “Miss Hardcore” =D. I have a long long way to go, definitely compared to all the fitfam on twitter but we all have to start somewhere! One day I hope to cross competing in a figure competition off of my bucket list =)

30th july front

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I know my first post has been extremely long (sorry!) Just wanted to give you some insight about me, they won’t be this long in future I promise ;p

Just want to quickly thank a lot of people from twitter who constantly keep me going, support me, inspire me and motivate me and also wish everyone competing in Miami Pro lots of luck!

I would be lost without the rest of my #TeamStealth @sassalj @p0wlie @Tim_Chase1 @Elmar_Brown. And just a few shout outs @eddiethesavage  @LauraDonohoe4 @michellebrannan @lets_get_this @Dengiemum @sarahhirduk @FitFunEnergetic @LittleAnita @AlexFerentinos7 @Louise_IFBBPro and all the rest, hope to meet lots of you at this years @Bodypower where I will be with Mr Needy =)

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